Big River Bushwhackers Ride Again 7/26/2015!

10850248_10203394652522713_1467512115186662877_nIt will be the summer of 1865, and Confederate veterans coming home from the war are finding that Missouri is being run byradical Unionists. The Southern men are finding that they have no right to vote, hold any political office, teach in a school, or even pastor a church.

They are disenfranchised, and they do not like it.

On Sunday, July 26, the Big River Bushwhackers will be in action at Big River Ranch near Lexington, MO.

There will be skits performed at 1:00PM, 2:00PM, and 3:00PM.

10425071_10203813199517890_667836655511602450_nBig River Ranch is a family owned and operated facility providing 2100 acres of beautiful land for families and individuals to enjoy on horseback. They have over 65 miles of cut trails for the novice or extreme rider and those who fall in between. Camping is available, with electric and water hookups, clean, sparkling restrooms and showers. Free wireless internet service is also available.

More info about Big River Ranch available at

You don’t want to miss out on this event!



Big River Bushwhackers Ride Again 5/17/2015

It’s 1865, and the veterans are coming home from the war.   Even though the conflict is officially over, lives are still in turmoil and tensions can still erupt and explode.

On Sunday May 17th, 2015, the Big River Bushwhackers will give their first show of the year at:

Big River Ranch

20111 Goodloe Orchard Rd.

Lexington, MO 64067

Come join Cap’n Bob and the rest for a fascinating glimpse at life in the aftermath of the Civil War.

Performances will be at 1, 2, and 3pm.  Please be on location by  noon,  so you can be sure to catch all the events and excitement!